Artemis Fauna


Artemis Fauna

Photo by 7foto

I’m Artemis Fauna, an incredibly easy going, fun to work with and highly experienced agency signed model. I’m not scary, I’m not stuck up and I’m certainly no diva- just ask the hundreds of people that have worked with me (and get them to show you the ridiculous out-takes) Smile

It perhaps sounds sickeningly cliché but I really do love my job and will work my backside off to make sure you get the images and shoot you want and are paying for- from start to end.

I understand light, composition and after all these years modelling I believe I have a very good eye- so will happily collaborate with you on shoots, bouncing ideas off each other and working as a team– if you want me too!

I studied drama and physical education for seven years. My strongest sports at the time were gymnastics and trampolining. I am still slim and supple due to this and am also extremely graceful with my posing.

I push myself on every shoot to get the best possible images for the photographer and have even been known to overrun because of my determination to do so…so…you will not be disappointed when booking me Smile

I am well organised (I have to be shooting as much as I do) and will always aim to be early or, of course, on time- if there are any delays I will be in touch!

Levels - !!IMPORTANT!!

I love to create interesting poses but this doesn’t mean ‘explicit’. I do NOT work to open leg and make it part of an agreement with working with me that if too much is accidently showing in an image you will not use the image. If you have doubts, ask me.

I love creating sensual images but the “It will be hidden in the shadows” trick won’t pass me- I know how easy it is to turn up the exposure/ fill light in post pro-! Also, just to add (as there seems to have been some misunderstanding with a few people) creating sexy images doesn’t mean I will sit there flashing my bits to you. I don’t want you or the camera to see my Foo. If you want that feel free to book someone else.

I hope those that work with me can respect me and my levels. I like to make it very clear so there are no misunderstandings. NO porn/adult requests please. Smile

Appearance / Piercings etc

I have a few piercings; my ears, small nose stud, and two 16mm tunnels in my ears. I have one very small tattoo on the back of my ankle. I have a very small scar above my lip from a quad bike accident and a small birth mark on my upper right leg.

I look after myself, regularly get my hair done, will always have my nails painted, legs shaved (!). I eat well, laugh a lot…

I have PUBIC HAIR! Yes, I love my bush so although it’s kept neat and tidy I aint shaving it off! Sticking out tongue

Beautiful Georgian Home Studio

Home is a stunning six bedroomed Georgian house with large windows, great natural light, boudoir set ups, basic lighting equipment, a private garden and much more. Shooting space here spans TWO FLOORS!  It’s a fantastic location and much more versatile than any studio- tea, coffee and biscuits will be supplied and all this for just £10 an hour on top of my current rates.

There are lots of examples of photos taken at my home that you can see here.


I can drive in my ‘ArtemisBatMobile’ with no problem to a studio/location/cow shed in the middle of Wales. I often tour the UK so if I am too far away here at home please PM me! I might even be prompted to travel your way! Travel expenses may apply.

Minimum Booking

I only accept bookings of two hours or more.


Although paid work obviously takes priority I do still undertake the occasional TF shoot if the standard of your images are the same or better than those currently on my port. Please feel free to ask but don’t send me abuse if I say no.  All I ask is that if you TF with me you can actually deliver the results. Ideally within two weeks.


My rates (subject to slight change of around £5-£10 if on tour/ travelling abroad etc)

Me: £80 for two hours, £120 three hours, £35 an hour for 4 hours +

Me and my Georgian home studio: £100 two hours, £150 three hours, £45 an hour for 4 hours +

Studio days: £40ph


I have over 550 references over on Purpleport, and all of them recommend me.  Feel free to check them out.

Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you soon.

Thank you,

Artemis Fauna